The Validation Data Protocol

When Machine talk to Machine

What makes us different

Satellite Technology

Copernicus program’s sentinels. Sentinel 1, 2 and Sentinel 3.


Stasis Ecosystem and EURS token for transmission JSON data.Data Security Transparency Incorruptible.


A concrete use of the most modern IoT to manage heterogeneous environments.

Deep Learning

Machine and Deep Learning. Software management, design and monitoring.Reduced measurement costs using Open Data.

    The CooEvo Protocol

    Why cooevo? Because at the base of our beautiful ideas there is a common belief, a real philosophy, that is COOPERATION is EVOLUTION. From this base all our projects are born, hence the name COOEVO. Only through a team game and above all through networking, it is possible to achieve results. Also the choice of the technology at the base of our team is nothing more than the matching (cooperation) between more technologies (evolution), creating innovative protocols that can contribute to social innovation.

    We strongly believe that new technologies can improve our lives and our goal is to propose services to make life healthier, safer, easier.

    Cooevo technology, what is it? As mentioned above we do not pretend to invent anything, as Satoshi Nakamoto with the blockchain protocol, we also exploit innovative and existing technologies such as Remote sensing, blockchain, machine learning and IoT, managing to create new protocols of use to make these basic technologies, which are very normally expensive, user-friendly applications, affordable for everyone.

    Added value of the cooevo team: through the matching of satellite technology and the blockchain we are able to give extremely reliable data validation regulated by algorithms without human contamination. So we can assure transparent tracking systems to assure high quality of any kind of product.

    Scalability: the COOEVO protocol, as is based on satellite technology, is equally applicable across the world and in every sectors.

    As we would like to promote social innovation and improve quality life standard, our approach necessarily has to be sustainable. Sustainability: in addition to developing business projects, our team always focuses on the environment and on improving the quality of life, and aims at promoting sustainable human /economic/natural  resources. Through our technology we can collaborate with cities, regions or states for projects on environmental sustainability, using European public funding.


    Summing up, the 4 key elements of our society


    We understand modern needs


    Implementation of technology for both suppliers and consumers


    We take care of every single process


    Technological, social and environmental sustainability

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